Make the Menu Yours

Displayed gives you full control of how your tablet menu looks and feels. Now you can create modern and stunning tablet menus that express your restaurant’s brand and directly interact with your guests throughout their meal. Choose from 5 of our specially crafted themes and customize colors, fonts, pictures, and content to make the menu yours. All you have to do is design it, click the ‘Go Live’ button, and we’ll take it from there!

Avoid the No-Show

As a restaurant owner, time is your most valuable resource. So we’ve optimized the Displayed reservation system to save you as much time as possible, while giving your guests a great level of service as well. We use automated SMS confirmations to inform guests of an upcoming reservation and give them a simple confirmation method. So you can cut down on no-shows and build brand loyalty at the same time!

Work from Anywhere

With Displayed’s easy to use cloud-based reporting software, you can keep track of your order numbers, guest customization information, and other key performance indicators across all your tablet menus, in real time. You can even work beyond the desktop! Displayed gives you full, mobile access to effective sales and interaction intel from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Hassle-Free Promotion

Got something special coming up that you’d love your guests to know about? Maybe a seasonal event or a limited time offer. Your Displayed tablet menu can display timed promotional announcement pop-ups and even run standalone material as a screensaver for when your guests aren’t actively using the tablet. It’s a great way to build promotional exposure, without any extra effort!


Bring More Profits To The Table

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