About Us

We built the tablet menu platform we’ve always dreamed of using.


Meet Abduallah Al-Mudhaf and Abduallah Al-Osaimi -- two Kuwait restaurateurs, and the Displayed co-founders. Like most of our users, Abdullah and Abdullah could see the potential that using tablet menus offered to their businesses, for customers and staff alike. But after years in the restaurant industry they were still looking for a tablet menu builder that was easy to design, convenient to monitor, delightful to use -- and much more!

That’s when Displayed was born.

The region’s first robust tablet menu builder that puts innovative technology solutions and experienced industry insight in the hands of every restaurant owner around the world. So that you can finally take control of your business and wow your customers, every time.


Managing your restaurant is (very) complicated


Between the kitchen, the floor, the staff, and the customers themselves, there simply aren’t enough resources or enough time. With Displayed, now your entire ordering experience is completely streamlined, from start to finish.


That means…

Faster orders - with fewer errors.

Beautiful branded menus - that take minutes to create.

Organic upselling opportunities - that are automated and intuitive.

Cloud-based operations - without the technical know-how.

Keeping track all your tablet devices - from one, centralized dashboard.

Managing every reservation - to increase confirmations and avoid no-shows.


Take more control - with less effort.

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